The Pod Trailer is the last enclosed trailer you’ll ever need to buy. With a hot dipped galvanised chassis, polyethylene body and rubber sealed waterproof pod lid, the Pod Trailer is as much at home camping and touring as it is doing all the essential jobs a utility trailer excels at.

Unlike other box trailers, the Pod Trailer is built to withstand the elements. Pull the trailer out for your summer camping trip and you’ll be ready to start loading right away. No rust or leaks to deal with. It’s light weight (200 kgs) means it is easy to maneuver and you don’t need a large four wheel drive to tow it around. The weatherproof lid allows you to do away with ropes and flapping tarpaulins for good- just load up the trailer, close the lid, and hit the road. It can also be locked to keep your luggage safe while camping and touring. When you want to use it for bigger jobs, the lockable hard lid is quickly and easily removed.

Like every trailer in our range, the emphasis is on rugged build quality and reliability. Couple that with the flexibility of adding an extraordinary range of accessories for every purpose and you have an enclosed trailer that will not let you down. The plastic moulded body is made from the same material that super tough ute liners are made from, and that is professional tradesman quality.


With a load capacity of 550 kgs, the Pod Trailer is more than ready for your next camping expedition. Standard features include a weatherproof tub made from heavy duty recycled polyethylene when available (rated UV stable for twenty years plus) and a fully lockable, removable hard lid with hydraulic struts standing 650 mm high for a full cubic metre of waterproof and dust proof storage.

A swing up jockey wheel comes standard. High quality four leaf springs with a load rating of 750 kgs (unbraked), new 14” Sunraysia wheels withwith light truck tyres and extra heavy duty tie down points on all four sides complete the standard configuration..


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